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Catherine (Cathy) Anderson

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Using reiki healing and my psychic & intuitive talents to help you on your "journey back home (to your soul)" & self-discovery journey



I always felt a calling to serve humanity.

The calling I felt deep in my soul was to be a safe space for people to experience unconditional love and non-judgment, where they could connect to their authenticity, learn how to love and accept themselves unconditionally. I've known this since I was little - it was my dad’s sudden suicide in 2014 that catapulted me into a journey of connecting with my soul, my authentic self, and to the spirit realms (although that connection was always there). Throughout my life, I’d seen him struggle with his self-image and being his authentic self. I faced the same challenges being mixed race (and very sensitive to energy, an empath, a "black sheep") in Japan - I had identity issues my whole life, never felt I "fitted in" anywhere, until this journey of self-discovery and coming back home to my soul. Witnessing my father and my own struggles, I often thought,  “We are so beautifully unique and yet learn to conform into versions of ourselves we THINK we need to be in order to receive love, be safe, and accepted…I want to help people with accepting themselves for who they are and see how amazing they are!” So here I am, doing just that!


In my experience working in the service industry and later in the mental health field in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside and Toronto for 5 years, I have connected with people from all walks of life, from the upper echelons of society to those forgotten by society. I love exploring different cultures and lands and connecting with people from all walks of life.


I first got introduced to Reiki healing in 2017 when I felt a "calling" to go visit a local mystic shop and ended up meeting my Reiki healing teacher and mentor. It was the first time I received any healing for my father's passing. After that session, I had a premonition that I would be using Reiki healing to heal people. I still worked in the mental health system, counselling people, but I knew I was meant to do something with my psychic gifts, sensitivity, energy healing, and what I've learned from life. So my personal healing journey and learning continued.

Peace etc. came to me in 2021 when I was going through a major spiritual awakening (one of countless awakenings). To me, peace is the foundation for living an empowered life. Peace comes when we know we are being our authentic selves. When we are peaceful within, we feel safe, like we are thriving, we are in the present moment, excited, etc. The etc. represents all the things you can build from a peaceful state of being - whether that's more adventures, unconditional love, fun, joy, discovery, anything you desire, the universe is your oyster! Peace etc. is a feeling I'd love for you to take home with your after our session together - a deep sense of inner peace and whatever else. 


Since receiving my Reiki Master Certificate in February 2021, I've worked with clients in Canada, the U.S., and Japan. I specialize in heart healing and connecting you with your soul-self (with your soul, where your authenticity lies) to discover who you really are and make sense of your past, fears, ego-created selves, and repeating interpersonal or personal patterns. By shedding light into parts of our lives we may have repressed or avoided, we see our shadows and learn how to accept and love ourselves, both our shadows and light, unconditionally. Our time together will dissolve the wall around your heart and create a path to your soul through self-forgiveness, self-acceptance, self-love, understanding, self-discovery, and self-growth - not to mention looking at your past and present with compassion.


You deserve to live your unique life with a healed, open heart, in the present moment.

Your soul is waiting for you to reconnect with it, for you to see you for who you really are and value yourself and your life.

I'm looking forward to connecting with you!


Catherine (Cathy)






ピースエトセトラは2021年、人生で何度目かの大覚生を経験している時にふと降りてきた。私にとってピース (平和)は自分らしい人生を満喫するのに不可欠です。自分らしく生きている時って平和を感じますよね。自分の内側が平和だと、安心を覚えたり、人生を満喫したり、「今」を生きていたりします。エトセトラとは平和を土台にして体験できるエネルギーや経験を表しています。それは冒険だったり、無条件の愛だったり、楽しさ、喜び、ディスカバリー(発見)だったり。宇宙の無限大をあなたを通して感じてください!ピースエトセトラ=ピースとその他諸々。ピースとその他諸々を私とのセッションを通して感じて欲しくってそう命名しました。命名したっていうか、あ〜そういうことか!と後から腑に落ちたんですけど 笑






では、素敵なご縁を楽しみにしています ♡

​キャサリン (キャッシー)

I believe that there are 4 health dimensions - physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental - and these overlap to either connect or disconnect us from our hearts where the soul resides.

A person's connection to their soul is strengthened (ie. their soul is easily accessible/soul's vibration is easily felt) when their 4 health dimensions are in balance, as their hearts will be open and a clear pathway to their soul is formed. I will call this a clear heart-soul pathway.

Any imbalances in the 4 health dimension results in a block in the heart-soul pathway, which I will call a blocked heart-soul pathway.


1. 身体の健康
2. 心の健康
3. スピリチュアルの健康
4. 精神の健康


4 Health Dimensions

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Wellness x Soul

ウェルネス x 魂

Have you ever considered the interconnectedness of your wellbeing/wellness and your soul?

We feel good, peaceful, harmonious, empoowered, inspired, radiant, etc when we are connected to our souls

When we are disconnected, we feel inauthentic, lack of purpose, "low in spirit", frustrated, like something is missing, insecure etc. 


Holistic Approach to Wellness & Living Authentically

To create a clear pathway to our souls, we have to take care of each health dimension, not just one.

This is why I value and take a HOLISTIC approach.

I look at your wellbeing from all 4 dimensions to create balance for you so that you can reconnect and build a stronger connection with your soul to live a soul-led, authentic life.

A HOLISTIC approach takes into account individual differences which I love! Everyone is unique so of course wellbeing looks different for everyone!

By gaining awareness in any imbalances in the four dimensions and what wellbeing looks like for you, you'll begin a journey with your soul. A discovery of what authenticity looks like for you.



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