Journey Back Home

English Description Energy Healing + Channelling/Mediumship Included 2 hrs

  • 2 時間
  • 350カナダ ドル
  • Virtual (Zoom) |Rental studio in Tokyo


This session is intended to assist you in coming back "home" to your heart and soul - your true home. The 2 hours we spend together is a safe space and time for "dissolving" walls around your heart built from past hurts, healing what's been repressed and avoided, and gaining new awareness and perspectives around your past and present. Consultation (10-20 mins) ✴︎ Choose areas of focus for the session ✴︎ You may ask questions you want me to ask your spirit guides and any loving beings that wants to come through ✴︎ We could address any physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health concerns you may have Reiki Energy Healing & Oracle messages (45-60 mins) I'll be working on you with reiki and collect (channel) messages to answer questions you brought up during consultation and anything else that wants to come through in the moment using my psychic talents. Messages will be typed on my phone (on my laptop for distance sessions) and sent to you via email after the session. Post Healing Discussion (40-55 mins) Discuss messages I channelled during the healing & oracle messages portion. Besides the messages that wants to come through and what I felt and experienced while sending you reiki, this time is for you to digest and understand the channelled messages as well as your healing experience. It's an open ended time for us to talk about anything you would like to in the moment. I'm here for you without judgment ♡ This session is for you if you: ✴︎ Are ready to heal your heart ✴︎ Want to empower yourself ✴︎ Want to live in alignment with your soul - experience better mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health ✴︎ Want guidance and support through shadow work ✴︎Want to build safety and security from within ✴︎ Are ready to live in the now as your authentic self ✴︎Want to experience more peace, harmony, and balance within you (and your life) ✴︎Want to accept and love yourself unconditionally and more... Disclaimer Please do NOT book this session if you are expecting a "quick fix" or "quick results" If you are in victimhood and are not open to seeing people in your life who "did you wrong" or events/situations in a new light, this session is not for you. My intention is not to reinforce trauma or your ego patterns. By seeing people in your life/events/situations from a soul growth perspective, I'm here to illuminate why patterns in your life exist and what they're trying to teach you for your soul's growth This is NOT a future oriented session


  • Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan

  • Tokyo, Japan