I have done a few reiki sessions with Cathy and loved every minute of it. She has such a caring and genuine spirit. We instantly connected. During the reiki session I felt complete relaxation and white light protecting me. Such an incredible healing experience, I recommend her services to everyone.


Cathy has a gentle yet powerful loving energy. I received distant reiki from her and felt relaxed and nourished during and afterwards. 10/10 would recommend.


My second session was a much deeper experience than the first one. I'm happy to finally find out about my spirit animals because I'd always been curious. I feel like I'm getting to know myself better. Can't wait for another session. Thank you. 


My session was fantastic, just what I've been needing. Everything has felt so chaotic and this time for myself just helped me snap back into what's important right now. Such a kind and nurturing energy and I feel grateful to have shared that space!


I just had my first ever distance reiki session, and it was a very interesting and relaxing experience. My mind finally felt clear and I basically fell into a deep relaxation.I felt a strong vibration and lightness in my whole body. The messages she received really resonated and reassured me about what I was dealing with. Cathy has a very calming presence and it was a wonderful first experience. I will definitely come back for more in the future! Thank you, Cathy, for your wonderful energy.


The reiki session was amazing! I actually felt pressure in my chakras and also felt very relaxed at the same time. I would say I truly, 100% recommend her, she is excellent! The session will leave you feeling very peaceful and content.  10/10!


I felt waves of energy enter my body. I'm always in my head. When the reiki hit I went into a deep sleep. I didn't want the session to end! I can confidently say I trust Cathy wholeheartedly with her energy work.


Woah dude! I felt tingles and heat from your hands. I could feel myself vibrate the more you sent reiki energy. Man, I feel sooo relaxed! Thank you, I can't wait for more because I get so anxious all the time but this makes me feel so peaceful. 


Thank you for the channeled intuitive messages. You are truly gifted and I am so grateful for the messages and the reiki. I feel lighter!


For pure relaxation and blissful insights, book a session with Cathy. I was experiencing pain in my right ankle, which I hadn't told Cathy about. After our session, she asked if I was experiencing pain in my right ankle and told me she sent healing energy there. I'm definitely coming back for more. 


I immediately felt so relaxed, felt held. I saw a blanket of white light covering my whole body and felt tingles all over. An amazing first reiki experience. Thank you Cathy!


WOW!!!! Incredible information that came through. I LOVED it. I felt very peaceful too! I will trust and be open to where I'm being lead. Thank you!!!! It was amazing, will be back :)


I saw gold and pink light flash in front of my eyes and felt tingles at my crown chakra. The session was relaxing and refreshing. Thanks Cathy.


It was like you were really here with me, in my room. The messages you channeled resonated with what's happening in my life and gave me courage to take steps I've been afraid to take. Thanks for also connecting me with my grandmother who's passed over. I felt her love through you.


I feel so seen... Cathy picked up on messages from my inner child that relates to the ways I think in the present. I understand myself deeper and feel encouraged to connect with her (my inner child). Thank you


Thank you for sharing your gentle and loving reiki energy with me. Such a blessing.


Thank you so much for your energy, this is so gentle and loving. I fell asleep eventually. During the session I felt so much warmth around my sacral and solar plexus chakras, between my jumping mind i found peace like there's more space in my mind than usual.


I didn't know what was happening at first because I'd never had a reiki session before. My mind was busy at the start but as the soothing energy swirled inside my body, I just let go and relaxed. Which I never do. It was like getting a deep tissue massage without the pain. I feel SO cared for.


I saw purple and indigo light, as I always do during our sessions. This is the mind-blowing part - you said you weren't touching my head, but I swear I felt your hands there...My head was SO hot! I felt heat in my feet as well. Thank you for a beautiful session.


Cathy was absolutely amazing! She was very clear on everything and made sure I was comfortable with the process. I could literally feel my vibrations lifting and it left me feeling a lot lighter.


How did you do that!? I didn't know how reiki was gonna work since we're in 2 different cities. As soon as you started, I felt tingles in my body and zoned out. My knees started getting warm, which makes sense cos you said you sent healing to my knees - they've been hurting for a while now. I feel so light. I feel so good. This was so cool!

Dani J.

I had a lovely distant healing session with Cathy. I felt at peace and able to relax fully instantly. I got such a comfortable space of authentic alignment, I felt called to get up and create! It was magical. The guidance that Cathy shared after the session was spot on. Everything she shared resonated so beautifully, I had goosebumps. The messages came at a perfect time when I was looking for clarity and confirmation of the intuitive inklings I had been receiving. It was so wonderful to get validation of the support of my guides. Thank you Cathy for sharing your gift!


One of the best distance reiki sessions I've had.

Margaret (Los Angeles)

Cathy is not just an ordinary healer, she goes above and beyond to tailor a personal and powerful session of healing . I was lucky enough to find Cathy during a challenging time in my life where I needed deep and integrated healing. She provided a safe space for me to be open and connect with my higher self. She also was able to provide insight from my spirit guides that were on point and made complete sense for what was going on in my life. I have felt so much more at ease and at peace after our session. I cannot wait to go back to her for more healing! 


Cathy provided far more than just reiki but an individualized, deep and meaningful experience for my dog and I who were both very ill until meeting with her. Cathy started our session off with a guided and intentional meditation that cleansed each chakra and shone light through each part of my body. I could feel every ounce. In the middle of the session, my dog put her paw in my hand which is unusual. After the session ended, Cathy provided detailed feedback on what she had picked up. Everything she said was spot on and directly correlated with what was going on in my life at the time. The most fascinating and moving part was when she asked my spirit guides what my dog needed, she even asked if it should be a change of food. The spirit guide said that all she needed was me, her mother. I cannot tell you how moved I was by this experience as my dog had laid her paw in my hand, it totally reinforced the powerful connectedness Cathy has with the universe and higher powers. Her ability to heal individuals in need is out of this world, I am so blessed for her gifts as she is one herself. 

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